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2 Point O Movie Review


2.0 – The title indeed was more than enough to keep us all adhered to strong assumptions that Shankar’s intention would be to outperform his 2010 predecessor ‘Endhiran’. Of course, with ‘Grandeur’ being his closest synonym that always comes tagged with social issues; Shankar seems to have attempted something out of the box. This time, it isn’t about fighting evildoers or bad politicians, but an exceptional premise. But what turns out to be a major disappointment is the film completely dominated by CG and Animation, whereas the emotional part goes missing. Moreover, “Endhiran” had so much of drama, romance, emotions, humour and action. But 2.0 goes in dearth of these elements, where just a grandiloquent CGs are focalized.

The story continues few years after the dismantling of Chitti Robot, where Dr. Vaseegaran is still engaged with his new missions. He has a newly developed Robot (Amy Jackson), which happens to be his assistant. Yes, he is still perturbed by Sana (Aishwarya Rai’s image on phone with voiceover). It all turns out to be a life-threatening crisis in the city, where mobile phones are mysteriously snatched by a supernatural evil force. It’s time to reboot Chitti to fight such a gruesome force now.

In a precise manner, the earnest thing that sticks to our mind isn’t the grandest CG works, but the heart-wrenching premise of Akshay Kumar. Those 15 minutes of flashback leaves us emotionally inclined, but sooner, it gets eclipsed with the overdose of CG based action sequences. If Shankar and writer Jayamohan had tried emphasizing few more substantiality to this plot, the film would have turned to be a ‘REAL MASTERPIECE’. In fact, this is a theme that none have dared to touch so far, but Shankar terribly fails as he starts banking more upon his hackneyed formulae of graphics. Akshay Kumar’s animated looks is terribly disappointing and his fans could be literally disappointed to see him in this avatar. Yes, the hard work he has pulled out here is incredible and he definitely deserves special mention. Rajinikanth’s diversified avatars Dr. Vaseegaran, Chitti, Chitti 2.0 and 3.0 is a huge surprise. But none of these characters have a stronger appeal. There are particular scenes, where his fans will be stunned, especially the climax action block that involves Chitti 2.0 making fun of Dr. Vaseegaran. Much prior to this scene, the transformation of Dr. Vaseegaran and how he tries to save Chitti is emotional too. While Rajinikanth strives to give his best, Shankar should have added up few more scenes of this paradigm to keep it more intact. Amy Jackson hardly has any scenes to perform and others in the cast including Sudhanshu Pandey appearing as deceased Dr. Bora’s son is of no use in this movie.

Yes, we forgot to mention something about AR Rahman. While stepping out of theatre, we could hear heavy speakers near theatre premises playing ‘Endhiran’ songs, which revived our excitements. Cinematography by Nirav Shah cannot be judged as most of the portions are done in CG. The art department is outstanding and it gives those feel of Hollywood studios, where the set works of roads and lanes would be erected. Hats off to the entire team for this speechless effort…

While the film is being released in 3D Format, the only exciting part is the Title credits, particularly, the name Rajinikanth. We are actually propelled with additional excitements as we are wowed about it, but sooner get nothing best with the full length motion picture.

Overall, 2.0 lacks the emotional punch and there is a lack of drama as well. Shankar seems to have made a wrong assumption that audience would love merely the visual grandeur and aren’t bothered anything else. We would say Shankar has wasted a wonderful plot, which if it was made properly would have made audience keep away their cell phones at least till they reach their homes.

Verdict: Technically wins in few places, but fails in emotions.
Rating: 2.75/5

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