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Kavan Music Review

Hiphoptamizha ‘s Kavan Music Review !!! Typical hiphoptamizha album Rating :- 3/5

Verdict: Typical Hip Hop Tamizha album which should have been much better and less louder but still a huge thumbs up for one stand-out song

Happy New Yearu (Singers: T.Rajendar, Hip Hop Tamizha, Madonaa Sebastien):

Loud and peppy track from Hip Hop Tamizha but has shades from previous songs of Hip Hop Tamizha and the overload of beats have decreased the fun factor present in the song. Energetic singing from T.Rajendar, Hip Hop Tamizha and Madonaa Sebastien is the savior.

Oxygen (Singers: Hip Hop Tamizha, Sudarshan Ashok):

Breezy romantic track which is completely fresh and sparkling. Started on a low note but picked up once the song progresses. The playback singers gives a more romantic and tender feel to the song with their live-spirited singing. This track is completely addictive but still Hip Hop Tamizha circulates in his own zone and fails to come out of it.

Mathurangalam (Singers: Kaber Vasuki, Kid chorus):

Superb peppy track loaded with fun and the most highlighting factor in the song is the dynamic singing from Kaber Vasuki which adds the enjoyable essence to the song. Hip Hop Tamizha has used various instruments which elevates the song to some extent but sometimes these instruments adds more noise and loudness to the song. Lesser noise could have created a much better impact.

Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai (Singers: Hip Hop Tamizha, Padmalatha, Anthony Dasan, Georgina Mathew):

Virtuoso composition from Hip Hop Tamizha, where he has fused various genres with great ease and class for the great Bharathiar lyrics. Idiosyncratic in every possible way and Hip Hop Tamizha is highly successful in his innovative experiment. he has blended classical,western and folk with sheer brilliance. All the playback singers score high but a special mention to the vocals of Padmalatha of “Kannala Kannala” fame.Despite few familiar (Deja-vu ) feel in some portions,this song shows the versatility of composer and what he is capable of !

Boomerang (Singers: Hip Hop Tamizha, Nikitha Gandhi, Kaushik Krish, Velmurugan):

Typical Hip Hop Tamizha western track with familiar beats and EDM. Nothing fresh and interesting other than the rendering of Nikitha Gandhi, which is the savior of the song.

Rating: 3 /5

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