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Airaa Movie Review

Filmmaker Sarjun MK offered couple of sensational short films ‘Maa’ and ‘Lakshmi’ followed by his directorial debut ‘Echarikkai’. His recent release ‘Airaa’ features Nayanthara in lead role with Kalaiarasan and Yogi Babu performing important characters.

The film revolves around Yamuna (Nayanthara) who starts experiencing supernatural activities in her grandma’s house, where she stays to escape from her parents’ clutches of fixing her marriage.

Having said and promoted the film as ‘Supernatural Thriller’, the situation turns out to be a disappointing one for the audiences, where they have to keep looking for scary scenes. By the end of show, they are puzzled whether they saw a ‘Horror’ movie. Except for the opening scene, which doesn’t scare you except for the Sound effects, nothing actually impresses you on the eeriness aspects. Yes, there is a scene, where Nayanthara looks into her CCTV monitor and sees fire all over the room. If Sarjun had tried delivering few more scenes of this paradigm, then it would have been a worthy show.

Getting on with the performance, Nayanthara does a colossal work with the role of Bhavani. Humble request to Nayanthara! Kindly avoid the slow motion heroic walks and ‘Woman Power’ isn’t merely about it. Of course, you’re a great performer and your emoting skills are really good. Kalaiarasan gets a meaty role in this film and after a long hiatus, we see him in a substantial character. Yogi Babu has to crack his own jokes and laugh for himself. Not even his single witty line evokes laughter.

Background score by Sundaramurthy is wowing, except for the over-using of violins in many places. The final moments, where he blends orchestral strokes with Chenda Mela is brilliant. Cinematography is appreciable and the wontedly imposed ‘Red’ shades could have been avoided.

The major problem with ‘Airaa’ is the writing. The author has written the script in ‘Novel’ mode, which will definitely turn up as adverse one when audiences watch it as movie. It’s not matter of getting convinced that the respective writer-director understands his/her work, but it should be made understandable to audiences.

Verdict: Extremely mediocre first half, lack of thrills and chills.

Rating: 2/5

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