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Avengers Infinity War Review

Speechless and you’ll be offered sumptuous Goosebumps that will stimulate your adrenaline fervently. The prologue is more than enough to prove you what the story is all about. Naturally, the diehard buffs will have it all splashed up with the film and there’s no need to brush up with the Wikipedia. We see THOR, his brother and THANOS having their beasty clash, but the herculean superhero is trashed down as he misses his weapon. Down there in USA, we find Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) promising his spouse for a better happy merry life until Bruce Banner (Hulk) arrives to reveal the issue and so is Doctor Strange.

The initial moments of the mammoth epic gets a powerful start and later has its slow pace. But just imagine! Establishing the introduction of 22 super heroes isn’t an easy task. The makers have taken scrutinizing efforts over crafting the characters of Captain America, Hulk and Thor, who are the major attractions. They have made these characters underplay in few places and the final confrontation between Thor and Thanos followed by an unexpected climax leaves us emotional.

There are lots of sequences that will leave you enthralled and move you to the edge of seats. Being an avid follower of ‘Avengers’ franchise, it would turn out to be a spoiler by revealing too much on the film’s plot.

But that entire one can be assured is that ‘AVENGERS INFINITY WAR’ is massively packed with mind-boggling action sequences and pretty emotional as well.

Verdict: 100% Paisa Vasool that will leave you ‘MARVELED’ with these ‘AVENGERS’.
Rating: 4/5

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