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Dhillukku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review

Dhillukku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review


There are times, where even the most intelligent audiences would like to take a break from those logical zones, just sit back and enjoy a laughter-riot. If you’re one among them, who would like forget all those aspects and just kill your time for next couple of hours, Dhillukku Dhuddu 2 can be your cherry pick.

The film owns an onionskin plot where an auto rickshaw driver Viji (Santhanam) comes across a beautiful girl Maya (Shraddha) working as a psychiatrist. Much alike the other guys, who propose her are exposed to unexplainable attack through devilish forces, he too joins the league. When he travels down the way to Kerala to win her father’s approval, a witch sorcerer, who is told to be the reason behind such supernatural forces, a buried past beyond centuries opens up.

It is evident that both Rambhala and Santhanam have been very much conscious while materializing the second part. The humorous episodes are found in plenty, where audiences will have a sure-footed treat with laughter-riot. In particular, the first half is loaded so much of enjoyable moments while the slapstick humour sprouts up by the second hour. Each and every character gets it due dosage of bringing the humour. Some of the slapsticks are inspired from Charlie Chaplin; especially the drama within the haunted house is very well presented.

When it comes to performances, Santhanam has tried showing up some differences from his routine style. Shraddha as a Malayali girl suits the role befittingly and others who steal the show efficiently are Naan Kadavul Rajendran and Urvasi.

Getting on with the technical quotients, musical score by Shabir contributes a lot towards the film’s engagement elements. Couple of songs looks nicely shot and not to miss the visual magic by cinematographer Dipak Kumar Pathy, whose tones and treatment of visuals are commendable.

As on whole, Dhillukku Dhuddu 2 stands out to be a good entertainer, where if you forget the logics and just go for the show without any expectations, you’ll feel it worth watching.

Verdict: If you’re intention is to forget logics and enjoy a fun-filled horror show, then Dhillukku Dhuddu 2 is worth watching for the tickets you buy.
Rating: 2.75/5

Soundarya Rajinikant


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