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Dhiya Movie Review

Director Vijay’s latest outing ‘Dhiya’, earlier titled as ‘Karu’ had its impact on a decent graph. Things were pretty clear by the time, we had a glimpse on the film’s visual promos and the songs furthermore could offer us a partial brief on what the gist could be all about. Thanks to couple of theme bits composed by Sam CS in audio tracks loosely based on ‘Child’s play’ signature. Yeah! By the first few minutes, say around 5-15 minutes from the commencement of show, you’re almost give a clue of what this film is going to be all about. But there is some clarity that go missing. We see ‘AFTER 5 YEARS’, where we find Sai Pallavi happily marrying Nag Shourya, but the very next scene as married couple, she is depressed thinking about the hidden past. It looks like director Vijay should have purposely deleted the song ‘Konchaali’ (which is the only best cherry pick of best composing from Sam CS) to avoid the happy ambience. But didn’t he think about it while penning the script or did he ever think hiding the prologue and later opening it through a flashback might offer the traces of a film of similar premise in ‘Unakkenna Venum Sollu’.  With a running length of around 2 hours, every bits and pieces in this tale is quite predictable. Moreover, from a filmmaker who is capable of writing better scripts, Dhiya turns out to be weak one stumbling right from the initial moments. During this time, where the audiences are bored with ghost movies, Vijay tries travelling into the same lanes. But he would’ve thought that let’s not try to offer Goosebumps, but take the story straight without any twists. Even then, what’s the point? By the very opening scene before title credits, we’re shown what the basic premise is and in next 15 minutes, the arrival of Baby Veronica into the picture strengthens our predictions. The only convincing part in ‘Dhiya’ is cinematography by Nirav Shah. There is couple of scenes, where he unleashes his spectacular wizardry, particularly and the accident scene of doctor inside car. RJ Balaji being portrayed as a clown cop is a complete mismatch to the tale. Naga Shourya looks so amateurish for the role and does nothing but appear with same reaction throughout the show. Sai Pallavi happens to render a commendable performance, but she is someone capable of strong act than this one. Except for the final research report that we see by the final credits, there is nothing exceptionally great about the film.


Verdict: Holds a strong concept, but is delivered with flimsy writing

Rating: 2.25/5

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