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First ever Tamil New Year to miss out big releases?

When the season of ‘Tamil New Year’ begins, the first thing absolutely strikes up our minds is about the big releases. In fact, this happens to be one among the 6-7 big festival occasions across the calendar that eventually brings in good sum of releases. Whereas 2019 has been a disappointing phase as there haven’t been a single release on this occasion. It was only GV Prakash Kumar’s Watchman followed by Gangs of Madras. Although, the entire summer season is loaded with unlimited releases from Sivakarthikeyan’s Mr. Local, Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3 and not to miss Suriya’s Nandha Gopala Kumaran (NGK), the producers have skipped this occasion. Well, is it mainly because of the entire state or even the country for this reference is busily involved in the preparations for elections? With just 3-4 days being the gap between the election date and the festival, this could have been the major reason behind no releases.

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