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Imaikkaa Nodigal will release from night show


Finally, after much upheaval and confusions, we get to hear that the theatrical release will happen by night show as the issues are cleared. According to the reports, it seems that producer CJ Jayakumar of Cameo Films had made double agreements with the release rights over in Mumbai. This eventually had led to the allegations legally raised by the concerned person there. With Abhirami Ramanathan who had financed the film getting into picture, it has been now settled amicably. Moreover, there are some settlement issues happening over the actors including a 50L pending remuneration for Atharva Murali. Finally, with all getting cleared, a person from Qube has to offer NOC and so all are gathered out there. Henceforth, Imaikka Nodigal will be releasing from night show. It’s worth mentioning that the press shows have given a considerable positive reviews for the film, which has boosted the expectations.

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