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Irumbu Thirai Movie Review

There are few films that take up the responsibility of not just amusing the audiences with entertainment, but goes in depth to throw lights upon a sensitive issue and enlighten them. PS Mithran has taken up a script that engages you to the core and brings up a raw and realistic issue in the contemporary India – Aadhar Card and Digital India. It really deserves a daring boldness to conceptualize a script based on this theme. Hats off to director PS Mithran for ideating it and bravo to producer Vishal for not ignoring it, but instead take it up for celluloid version.

Vishal plays an army officer is dragged into the hazardous world of cyber crime, when huge money he saved up for his younger sister’s marriage goes bankrupt. His risky journey to trap the culprit offers him much more appallingly gruesome moments.

The screenplay is very well interwoven with good emotions and thrilling twists and turns. Well, for Vishal as an actor, he never misses to give his best in emotional sequences. We can witness it completely through his episodes with Delhi Ganesh, who plays his father. The scene where he utters, “Please go away dad! I am afraid that I might hit you” and the following up sequence in post-intermission are colossal. PS Mithran avoids taking the romance in routine style. Both Vishal and Samantha have done this exquisitely elegant. On the pars, the brother-sister sentiment has been beautifully portrayed. When it comes to Action King Arjun, his entry is exactly the same as Salman Khan in style and approach. But what gains our attention so much is the central theme of how our everyday life is so much confined to the Digital world that even our private space has million spotlights thrown upon.

Vishal has done a remarkable performance and Action King Arjun is marvelous. Samantha has done her portions decently. Delhi Ganesh deserves special mention for we see him in a substantial role after a very long time. Robo Shankar evokes humour with his witty lines. The one in sister’s role is so much natural. We find such actors in Mani Ratnam movies for his casting would be off this sort and PS Mithran has excelled in bringing the right actors.

Background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja keeps the screenplay yet more enthralling. The breathtaking action sequences are the mind-boggling aspects, especially the climax involving Vishal and Arjun.

As the audiences walk out of theatres, they wouldn’t just go back home with a movie watching experience, but will definitely have that impact of how they see Social Media and Digital World from that point of time.

Verdict: Realistic issue that comes with power packed performance and strong writing.

Rating: 4/5

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