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Kaatrin Mozhi Movie Review


here are few films that offer a premise of female-centric theme, which precisely showcases all other characters. It was pretty much evident with the films that Jyotika had been a part of after her comeback. Say for instance, 36 Vayadhinile and Magalir Mattum had such illustrations, where other characters were sidelined. Whereas, the highlighting trait about Kaatrin Mozhi is that it nurtures the beauty of emotions and relationships from universal perception. As much known to public glare, the film is a remake of super hit Hindi film ‘Tumhari Sulu’, which featured Vidya Balan in lead role. Apparently, Jyotika appears as the main protagonist named Vijayalakshmi, who is a loveable housewife with a picture perfect life with her husband (Vidaarth) and their son. However, her life takes a turn, when she gets the opportunity to host a late night FM show.

First and foremost, what turn to be an intriguing fact about the film is the Emotions and a reality reflected. The film isn’t turning out to be artificial anywhere and it is inclined completely to a much beautiful exhibition of how a middle class family is. Especially, the instances of Jyotika coming across different characters have been exhibited with exquisiteness. In fact, she is the main soul of this movie, where she carries it with much efficient hard work. The others in the star-cast have done much more substantial work. Especially, Vidaarth deserves special mention for making use of such an opportunity to a greater extent. This film is sure to escalate his career graph. The chemistry between both Vidaarth and Jyotika happens to be a splendid one. The little boy playing the couple’s son has given his heart and soul into the movie. MS Bhaskar has done a remarkable job with the film.

The characterization of Jyotika, which involves innocence, high-spiritedness and emotions, is decorously conveyed. The first time she decides to become a RJ and be it the last minute scene, where she has some other dream, everything is impulsive and it’s literally amazing.

Musical score by AH Kaashif definitely needs a special mention. Even when there could be some sequences, which might look too dramatic, his beautiful soft instrumentals on fortepianos and strings comes up with a huge impact. Cinematography by Mahesh Muthuswamy happens to be a brilliant flashpoint.

Overall, Kaatrin Mozhi definitely deserves a watch along with your entire family. This isn’t a film about ‘Women’, but ‘Family and Relationships’ indeed.

Verdict: A breezy feel-good family entertainer that has its own emotions and happiness decorating it unconditionally.

Rating: 4/5

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