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Kaatru veliyidai Music Review Rating 3.75 / 5

Kaatru veliyidai Music Review

#Kaatruveliyidai Music Review Rating 3.75 / 5 !!!

Azhagiye (Singers: Arjun Chandy, Haricharan, Jonitha Gandhi):

Started in a familiar Rahman tune with amalgam of distinct sounds. Quirkiness in the tune instantly catches the attention of hearers. Unique backing vocals are the biggest strength of the song and Rahman has extracted the best from the background singers. Haricharan is fantastic as usual and a firm backing from Jonitha Gandhi amplifies the efficiency.

Vaan (Singer: Shashaa Tirupathi):

Mesmerizing piano music gives a lovely start to the song, followed by a matured and beautiful rendition from Shashaa Tirupathi. The beats, strings and tunes which constantly runs at the background makes this melody unique. Rahman proves he is the best in presenting a simple and beautiful tune in an effective manner. Rahman gives huge scope to both instruments and vocal where, both gives a mutual space to each other whenever necessary. Shasha’s knowledge in Classical music can be witnessed clearly in the high pitch notes and her voice turns itself as a enchanting soul to the magical music.

Saarattu Vandila ( Singers: AR Raihanah,Tippu, Nikitha Gandhi):

Rahman music’s magnetic property is witnessed in this song as this attracts the hearers from the very first second. Neat folk tune from Rahman with efficient use of strings and chords along with folk beats. Singer Tipu is brilliant in his rendition but Nikitha Gandhi becomes the show stealer with her freestyle raw and energetic singing. This tune has the potential to have a wider reach, as it can easily satisfy varied music tastes of the people.

Tango Kelaayo (Singers: Haricharan, Divakar):

This composition from Rahman is one of its own kind with a M.S.Vishwanathan style of background music. Ths duo of Divakar and Hariharan looks fresh and Rahman presented their voices in a never seen before pattern. Highly complex music, more can be analyzed with multiple hearings as it have intense use of instruments, a mixture of modern and retro music and unique style of playback singing.

Jugni (Singers: AR Rahman, Tejinder Singh, Rap Vocals: Rajakumari, Shikara):

Starts with an optimistic tune with loads of energy and positivity surrounding the beat. This is followed by a Bollywood style of playback singing but presented in an unique manner with extraordinary use of instruments and sounds. Sound mixing is classy as various parallel sounds can be heared at the same time. The enthusiastic short rap portion in this song is free spirited which adds an additional layer to the song. Visuals will be made more sanguine by this tune and an another complex tune in the album which requires multiple hearings in spite of instant addition.

Nallai Allai (Singers: Sathyaprakash, Chinmayi):

Decent melody from Rahman but not up to his standards as it lacks a fresh approach. Sathyaprakash delivers the song in a neat manner with great depth in his voice. Chinmayi is as beautiful as always but a less attractive tune becomes a downside .The biggest strength of this song is that it has a beautiful soul present and music is slowly poising and so may not attract us instantly but with continuous hearing.

Verdict: Fresh and Dynamic album from Rahman with equal focus to both instruments and vocals

Actress Aditi Rao Hy


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