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Kanchana 3 Movie Review

Raghava Lawrence and his franchise of ‘Kanchana’ have been blockbusters and to add up to its inception was ‘Muni’, which the director doesn’t want to give away. This has been a huge confusion indeed where we find first of its kind two titles for a movie – Kanchana 2, Muni 3 and now Kanchana 3 – Muni 4. Before having to start with our analysis, we would like to make it a point clear that Raghava Lawrence has already managed to keep his sacs full of profit. Surprisingly, he managed to make a superb business even before the post-production works were over. Of course, this hasn’t got anything to do with the film’s review. So let us have a look into the film’s story followed by its analysis.

If you’re looking into the story, there isn’t anything really unique about it. Kanchana 3 is a recollection of stories from the previous instalments and the recreation of same old scenes that we already saw and enjoyed. However, this time, to see the same sequences repeated and the screenplay remaining so much predictable, we are pushed to the extreme of boredom.

Raghava Lawrence’s expertise is revealed in only one place and that’s where Sriman has the supernatural force pulling his leg from bed and he abruptly says, “Aarambichitingala”. Actually, it’s something that audiences will have say in theatres and Sriman becomes their representative and the theatres erupt in laughter. There are few sequences following this, which does make us laugh. Kovai Sarala-Sriram-Devadarshini drama during pre-interval scene is enjoyable although it’s nothing but the repetition of ‘Kanchana’ interval sequence, which includes ‘cow’ running away and three paranormal tests to confirm the presence of ghost, everything is so repetitive. The three heroines – Vedhika, Oviya and Nikki Tamboli have nothing to perform and their scenes are literally annoying. It looks like Raghava Lawrence was sure that Kanchana 3 can be made carelessly as it will definitely bring in crowds owing to the previous successes. Too many songs and none of them are impressive. This is yet another minus in this film and even today, the fast-beat peppy numbers and even the melodious ones from the previous parts were enjoyable.

More than all, the major reason behind the success of ‘Kanchana’ was a strong plot and flashback that an actor like Sarathkumar in a strong role. Raghava Lawrence decided to avoid it in the next one, where he played dual roles and repeats the same here. This turns out to be a major reason for the film not remaining on high engagement levels.

Overall, Kanchana 3 or Muni 4 doesn’t have an appealing story. Audience come prepared to theatres for enjoying the fun and spine-chills with some emotions. However, this film is nothing but the duplication of previous parts.

Verdict: Fails to impress the fans of ‘Kanchana’ franchise. Lacks engagement and repeats the same old story and scenes from the previous parts.

Rating: 2/5

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