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KootathilOruthan Music review

#KootathilOruthan Music review Youthful,Soulful and Energetic soundtrack from @nivaskprasanna

Enda Ippadi (Singer: S.P.Balasubrahmanyam):

Superb peppy track loaded with heavy fun factor. Starts with an exceptional piece of trumpet and the biggest strength of the song is the voice of legendary S.P.Balasubrahmanyam where his voice looks ever youthful. The variations that SPB shows in this song is highly dynamical and brilliant. Here he proves why he is the master of rendition. Rap portions also adds more flavor to the song. Sure chartbuster!

Nee Indri (Singer: M M Manasi):

Slowly poising lovable slow melody from Nivas K Prasanna and Manasi’s soulful voice makes this song look even more beautiful. She gives her heart and soul to this song to make this more enchanting. Nivas has given minute brilliant orchestrations in the background and a stunning electronic beat in a different dimension during the course of the song.

Innum Enna solla (Singer: Haricharan):

Starts with a highly interesting beat and is followed by majestically beautiful voice of Haricharan with sheer brilliance. Haricharan voice carries the melody factor with small amount of peppiness. Nivas has used trumpets in an effective manner to add more quirkiness to the song. Another chartbuster for the album!

Or Naal Kadhal (Singer: Sathyaprakash):

Melancholy song merged with Enda Ippadi and this is sung with a completely dejected feel by Sathyaprakash which suits the situation perfectly.

Maatrangal Ondre Dhaan (Singer: Nivas K Prasanna):

Peppy track fused with melody and Nivas K Prasanna’s voice looks plain like Ilaiyaraja’s voice without any dynamics which shows the simplicity of the composition.

The One (Theme):

Exceptionally composed theme from Nivas which starts with mesmerizing piece of piano and followed by a beautiful piece of flute and violin. Sure to enhance the scenes.

The happiness of pursuit(Theme):

Lovely theme from Nivas which has excellent world class orchestration. Generates a happy and enchanting magical feel to the listeners.

Verdict: Youthful,Soulful and Energetic soundtrack from Nivas K Prasanna

Shankar brings Ukrai
Thalli Pogathey - Vi


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