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Lucifer Movie Review

When there was an announcement pertaining to ‘Lucifer’ that too with the combination of Mohanlal-Prithviraj Sukumaran, there were lots of curiosities prevailing on what could be the film all about. Moreover, Prithviraj has been someone, who would keep exploring some unique and phenomenal themes. On the other hand, when he started unveiling the characters one by one, we had extemporaneous feel that it could be a routine paradigm. However, what turn to be a sparkling highlight is the characterizations. Okay! So what’s the best thing about ‘Lucifer’? A tailor-made film for Lalettan and his fans, which has been something expected over a long period of time.

The major strength of the film is characterization of Mohanlal. There are certain scenes, especially after Post-intermission, where we find his absence for nearly 20 minutes. In fact, we see the introduction of Mohanlal only after 25 minutes from the title credits. Even then, the powerful value of his role through different characters and situational contexts are awesome. Special mention to Prithviraj for portraying Mohanlal in such a great manner… His dialogues are too limited, yet the punch is heavy. In fact, he doesn’t reply to the baddies or his opponents instantly, but when it comes from him, the theatres are studded with thundering applause. Especially, the scene where Mohanlal seeks revenge on John Vijay is over the top of mass. Sachin Khedekar appears in flashback sequences as the main story unfolds from his funeral. But the portions he appears are so engrossing, where he intensifies the character of Stephen. Vivek Oberoi plays the negative role with perfection to the core. Manju Warrier has very little dialogues to utter, but she keeps emoting the pain and emotions through her eyes. Tovino Thomas appears only by the point of intermission, but then his portions are so much outstanding. In such aspects, every characterization is brilliantly written.

Deepak Dev’s background score keeps enhancing the film’s narration to greater degree. Action blocks are so neatly done and Mohanlal keeps rejuvenating with his energy. Be it the smallest one, where he places his legs on John Vijay’s neck or the massive exploding in jail and forest, they are outstanding.

Beyond all such analysis, the greatest highlight of Lucifer is perfect ingredients of mass, entertainment and engagement elements that are present from beginning till end. Prithviraj Sukumaran establishes him as a successful commercial entertaining filmmaker with this movie and yes, we want to see him direct more movies.

Verdict: The best of its kind Mohanlal mass movie. Keeps you engaged from beginning till end.
Rating: 3.5/5

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