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Natpe Thunai Movie Review

Hiphop Aadhi has been gradually scaling through the course of his upgrading with every film. Last time, he manages to win the youth audiences with his directorial debut and acting debut Meesaiya Murukku, which was a blockbuster. Now his second film as an actor in ‘Natpe Thunai’, directed by Parthiban Desingu and produced by Sundar C.

Set in Pondicherry, the film is about an issue rounding upon a hockey stadium that a corrupted politician (Karu Pazhaniappan) wants to allot for a corporate company for a whopping deal. On the other hand, Hiphop Aadhi arrives in Pondicherry for his time being stay until his stay in France gets confirmed. How both these characters have to clash upon each other by series of incidents forms the crux of story….

There is a general saying that when a story is very well written with efficiency, it definitely makes the job half done even before the shoot goes on floors. Such happens to be the case of Natpe Thunai. The writing is neatly done. Be it dialogues or characterizations or the narration, everything is done intact. More than Hiphop Aadhi’s character, it’s Karu Pazhaniappan who steals the show. We cannot label him as an antagonist for he himself says, “I am not a villain, but a pure politician”. Those dialogues by the end of film are really appreciable and look practical too. The first half proceeds at a decent pace, where the momentum shoots up high by the point of interval, where the true identity of Aadhi is revealed. Anagha hasn’t got much to perform other than appearing in songs and few scenes. Harish Uthaman gets a decent and meaty role and almost all the characters in the movie. Although, most of the characters have limited time space, they come up with a good performance and their roles are quite impressive too. The background score and songs are very well done.

With the film centering on fun, love, entertainment and sentiments, especially the theme of friendship, it is sure the film will click in all centers.

Verdict: Full of entertainment, fun and friendship
Rating: 3.25/5

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