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Nisaptham Movie Review

Nisaptham Movie Review :-
Nisaptham – serves both as an awareness & a lesson to parents. A MUST WATCH. 3/5

Verdict : Exploration into the mind of abused young girl.
Rating : 3/5
Nisaptham is a story of a young girl who reforms back after child abuse.
Inspired by true events, It serves both as an awareness & a lesson to parents with daughters in their home.
The leading roles are played by Ajay, Abinaya & baby Sathanya. Ajay & Abinaya(athira) play a husband and wife with baby sathanya(boomi) as their daughter. The film starts of with Ajay and Abinaya getting married and they are blessed with a baby girl boomi. A middle class family with both dad and mom working to run the family. Boomi feels that her dad & mom doesn’t spend enough time on her. One rainy day when boomi walks alone to school, a drunken guy manipulates boomi by asking help, he takes her into an under construction building and abuses her physically & sexually. The whole scenario of the family changes thereafter. The pregnant mom becomes ill. Ajay is clueless on how he will overcome the situation. 1st half ends here.
The movie takes the audience by surprise with its soulful second half. It explores the side of an abused girl , how her emotional disturbance gets to the extent that, from now on she is not comfortable even being near to her dad. How the father suffers when his only daughter doesn’t want him anymore and is afraid of him. They fight in court to get death penalty for the abuser.
How boomi reforms herself, did her dad regains his daughter’s trust? Did the abuser got punished? Forms the rest of the story. While the first half is average, second half is soulful with many touching scenes such as when boomi asks ‘Naan ethuku peranthurukanum?’ & the climax where the family regains hope.
Directed by debutant Michael Arun, the content is strong which makesup for the average 1st half. Shawn Jazeel’s music is a huge plus where many scenes in 2nd half has no little dialogues. S.J.Star’s cinematography gives the look of the realistic atmosphere. We may expect a couple of awards for its content. Overall its a MUST-WATCH for parents who have daughters.

PowerPaandi Music Re
Director Pandiraj’


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