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Pakka Movie Review

There are few things that really leave us confused after watching a film. There are two instances, where a plot or premise is so substantial but the screenwriting goes terribly fallible and the other one is where the complete package itself is queasy. Pakka falls into this category, where we would wonder how a filmmaker could come up with such an pathetic story and filmmaking. But more than this, how an actor like Vikram Prabhu could take up such a movie. Yes, he hasn’t delivered any hits till the date, but then hailing from an intelligent film family background, what happened to his cognizance? Sorry to say! Vikram Prabhu, we aren’t criticizing your performance and it happens that you’ve improvised a lot in that zone. But choosing such an ineffectual film like ‘Pakka’ is a huge disappointment. Perhaps, at least the first half has some sort of entertainment. But the post-intermission sequences, where we find Nikki Galrani doing nothing but mimicking Rajinikanth is the peak of annoyance that yourselves brim up. There’s nothing special about the plot. We see Vikram Prabhu in dual roles as Pandi and Dhoni Kumar with Bindu Madhavi and Nikki Galrani as his love interests. The entire film narrates the two parallel love stories and what happens at end is nothing but an ordinary one. Except for the comedy portions by Soori in first half, there is nothing special about the film. It looks like, a Rajinikanth fan club funded movie, where we see it throughout the second half through ‘Nikki Galrani’.

On the whole, Pakka is a disappointing fare that doesn’t prove its engagement in audiences anywhere.


Keerthy Suresh Lates
Bhaskar Oru Rascal m
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