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Raatchasan Movie Review


It looks like Vishnu Vishal is getting serious with his career now and the one best illustration could be with his choice to work in ‘Raatchasan’. The film doesn’t have anything to do with his routine paradigms and he has done a convincing job. The film is helmed by ‘Mundasupatti’ fame Ramkumar featuring Amala Paul, Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Suzanne in important roles. Ghibran has composed music for the film with PV Shankar handling cinematography.

A serial killer is let loose in the Chennai city, where he follows a pattern while committing murders of school girls. Arun (Vishnu Vishal), is completely against the new police job. His 12-yr dream of filmmaking goes in vain due to family commitments. So happens to be the long years of research he did for a script based on psycho serial killers across the world. But less he did know that the same thing would offer him some clues towards his investigation.

Ramkumar has strained a lot over writing the script and the basic gist is really appreciable. But there are few repeated things, which should have been lessened. Say for instance, after a certain extent, the number of murders keeps increasing and it leads you to restless annoyance. A brilliant storytelling would have been the way, where even a single murder could have been stretched very well with investigation process. But it’s evident that such elements couldn’t been written, so murders are inserted now and then. Also, the cheating factors like involving a school teacher for no reason are completely ridiculous. He has nothing to do with the film or what is the purpose out there. Such things should have really been reduced and replaced with some intelligent writing. But, when it comes to unraveling the mystery, those portions have been very well done. Some of the twists aren’t new to us. Say for instance, one of them easily resembles the twist of Suriya’s 24. The scene, where Amala Paul is saved by Vishnu Vishal has nothing to do with the story, which actually leads to a song for the next scene. Such amateur things if avoided, the film’s entire length would have been 2hrs. With this, the entire film would have achieved a different dimension from what it is now.

Musical score by Ghibran during the first hour is nothing but the same repetition. Eventually, he pulls ups his socks by the second hour. But the cinematographer and editing have done an outstanding job, especially the latter – Editor San Lokesh. He deserves special mention.

On the performance level, Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul have done a decent work. But Munishkanth and the one acting in devilish school teacher role is fantabulous. Although, the latter’s role is completely unwanted, his performance is appreciable.

Had the director taken a note of few elements to avoid, Raatchasan would have become a real intense mystery-thriller. For now, it does work in places and audience might enjoy it, but with those modifications, it would have drawn repeat audiences.

Verdict: Holds a gripping story, but is mixed with some amateur elements and lengthy duration.

Rating : 3/5

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