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Seethakaathi Movie Review

Seethakaathi Movie Review


Vijay Sethupathi’s 25th film ‘Seethakaathi’ brings in a new-fangled theme and treatment. By now, the audience, who are keen to watch the film would have been pretty much aware about its premise. Thanks to Vijay Sethupathi for clearing the mist and affirming strongly that his total screen duration will be for just 40 minutes (The running length of film is nearly 3hrs). Filmmaker Balaji Tharaneetharan comes with an intense story based on a single theme, “Kalai Saavai Madhippadhillai” (Art is beyond death). The film traverses through the life of a veteran drama artiste Ayya Aadhimoolam (Vijay Sethupathi) and some of the surprisal incidents that involves him.

The earnest thing to appreciate about the film is Balaji Tharaneetharan’s idea of choosing a unique premise that many would have not attempted. More than all, it’s Vijay Sethupathi who needs special mention for personally feeling the need to pay tribute to the platform of ‘Drama Stage’ from where he came from.

Yes, Vijay Sethupathi appears for not more than 25-30 minutes, but his presence is felt throughout the first half. But what turn out to be a little disappointment are the scenes being repeated over and again. Say for instance, the episodes of Rajkumar-Bhagavathi Perumal in the first half turns to be a huge laughter riot. In fact, Rajkumar gets to score huge in these portions. But the same scenes are repeated in the second hour through actor Sunil. Well, being a first timer, this man gives a brilliant performance, but the second hour gets too stretched. As we mentioned earlier, the presence of ‘Ayya’ is felt more during first half, but then it fails to travel across the latter part. It is only after the final court scene, where the judge (Director Mahendran) tries to give a beautiful explanation is where we again start feeling the presence. The climax part with the little boy giving the trademark gesture of ‘Ayya’ conveys the emotions. If Balaji had crafted a much engrossing narration in second half, these portions would have maintained the impact.

Vijay Sethupathi’s performance is mixed with silence and dialogues hit our attentions sincerely. His appearance might be just 25-30 minutes, but he sweeps us off the feet. Rajkumar and Sunil offer sumptuous humour treat in many places. Mouli and Mahendran prove their genius acts.

Musical score by Govind Vasantha and Sound department bestow the audiences with a splendid experience in theatres.

Verdict: An emotional drama with humour with right dose. But a refined version of crisp second hour would have made it more commendable.

Rating: 3/5


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