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Super Deluxe Movie Review

Sometimes, so-called Intellectual writings could turn out to be an egoistic approach. Yup! There are two varieties of audiences, one that needs things to be conveyed clear-cut and neat without any hassling stuffs, especially the dragging narration. And there is another category of people, who want to appreciate even the rustically tinted walls with superlative adjectives. Yes, we would like to keep this Super Deluxe Review crisp and short. Of course, there is lots of element in the film that are worthy of appreciations on par with few that has its resentments too.

The story revolves around multiple characters in a time span of 24hrs. Every character has its own conflicts over the relationships in marriage, family, children and how their lives change during this course of time is what Super Deluxe is all about.

By the end of film, there’s one among the adolescent chaps entering into theatres for an adult movie. There’s a dialogue, “Much alike all Bittu-Padam and novels, where there’s lots of sexuality and profanity, the confessions happen over the last few scenes and pages.” Of course, there is a scene within the movie theatre, where the doctor character has lots of philosophical citations that goes parallel with Mrinalini and Ramya Krishnan conveying it through their perceptions too. The final moment are really awe-inspiring and even the very beginning of this movie too. To be precise, the first hour has its own setting, where there are lots of engaging moments. Gradually, the film falls into the fallible zone, by post-intermission. How long can you keep yourself aspired with the colours of cinematography, powerful BGMs of Yuvan Shankar, when there are lots of ‘darkness’ painted through foul-mouthed dialogues. We don’t mean to claim it wrong. Naturally, it’s A-rated film, but things go too overdosed. In the second hour, it is so much evident that many scenes could have been limited with its stretch. Nevertheless, we are dragged too much and if not for the musical contribution of Yuvan Shankar Raja, it would have been a much more restless moment.

Vijay Sethupathi can better avoid some unwanted experiments. Just as it happened with Seethakathi, this one too goes the same way. Be it 76-yr old man or a transgender, his voice remains without modulation. We aren’t expecting Kamal Haasan’s Avvai Shanmughi or Prakash Raj’s Appu act, but some considerable justifications. Fahadh Faasil and Samantha portions are outstanding. They are raw and shockingly repellent, but they somehow make you like them. Ramya Krishnan and Mysskin portions are emotional towards the end. The one playing Vijay Sethupathi’s son is the cherry pick. The scenes where Mysskin and Vijay Sethupathi interact too are praiseworthy. Despites having many plus points, the over-prolonged narration ruins the show.

Verdict: Thiyagarajan Kumararaja’s writing looks superb by the initial moments, but starts testing your patience post interval.

Rating: 2.75/5

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