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Uriyadi 2 Movie Review

The first part had its much appealing theme based on the caste issues and it was moreover dominated with action elements. In this film, the scale of conflict is little or even more when it comes to the premise. The film deals with the hazardous chemical elements leaked from the factory that is set up across a region in down south. Such stories actually bank on couple of elements – Characterizations and Dramatic narrations. Let us check out how the film performs on both these aspects.

When it comes to establishing the characters or delineating them, Vijay Kumar has tried his best. Moreover, the initial moments of the first hour are used to draw some lines on friendship and romance. Of course, we get to see some conflicts popping up slowly with some unexpected issues over the factory issues. However, we are exposed to the actual problem only by the time of interval. Until then, we have to patiently wait for the premise and despites this fact, what manages to keep the audiences passably engrossed is the musical score by Govind Vasantha. As the story progresses into second hour, it takes us for a tour of some strong moments. Nevertheless, the solutions that Vijay Kumar tries to give don’t look more promising since it has the blend of realistic and commercial touches together.

On the performance level, everyone has done a neat job and they are flawless. Each one has keenly understood the depth of characters and has breathed good life into it. Vijay Kumar’s acting nuances have improved than the first part. In fact, the first part involved him more into the action sequences, whereas this one has something to do with emotions. Newcomer looks cute and her innocent role is appealing too. The others in the star-cast have done a neat job.

When it comes to flip side, as abovementioned, the first hour takes some time for the conflicts to be established and even the final moments, especially the solution might not be a completely satisfying one for the commercial league audiences. Of course, this isn’t the minus, but it is the appropriate thing that can be done for a film with such a premise.

On the whole, Uriyadi 2 speaks loud about the crisis that is so much realistic and has interesting moments too. Beyond all, with such issues like Sterlite and few more instances occurring in our real lives, this might really become an eye-opener.

Verdict: A well-written story that brings up serious issues as the major premise although cinematic touches can be found here and there.

Rating: 3/5

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