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Veera songs review

Veera songs review Decent album from leon_james ‬
‪Ootaanda Soltuvaa (Singer: Leon James):‬

‪Starts with an attractive piano electronic tune but enters the usual “kuthu” zone once progresses. Leon James singing is mediocre and the momentum is missing in the mixing of folk and electronic beats. Will reach a set of audiences due to the presence of “Local Kuthu” factor.‬

‪Verrattaama Verratturiye (Sid Sriram, Neeti Mohan, Leon James):‬

‪Calm beautiful electronic tune is followed by the dynamic voice of Sid Sriram and Leon James’s tune and Sid Sriram’s voice become an instant attraction. Leon James proves his musical worth with a beautiful flute piece in the middle. Neeti Mohan’s mesmerizing voice adds to this beautiful composition. Leon James could have reduced background beats and could have given more room to the singers. Overall, a superb melody which will be in the playlist of many musical buffs for a long time.‬

‪Mama Mama Mayangathe (Singer: Anthony Dasan, Leon James):‬

‪Leon James comes up with an unique funky song mixed with folk beats. The song is completely dynamic and have various layers with different beats and an unique pattern of playback singing. Overall, a different attempt from the composer with loads of freshness and fun factor.‬

‪Pogadhey Kanmaniye (Singer: Pradeep Kumar):‬

‪Slow and beautiful melody from Leon James and the composer and the folk portions which comes in the song is highly attractive. Pradeep Kumar’s voice is fascinating and elevates the song. The only problem in the song is it lacks continuity in few places but nevertheless a chartbuster from Leon James.‬

‪Nijaaru Usaaru (Singer: Mahalingam, Lawrence):‬

‪Typical rock song with usual EDM beats and Leon James tries nothing new in this song. Have hard electronic beats and noisy playback singing. What works here is the folk portions and Nadhaswaram tune but it is short lived. Overall, the song could have been much better.

8 தோட்டா
Naan Pizhaippeno - S


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