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Vishal’s urgent request to Tamil Nadu Government

Actor Vishal has been far-famed for giving his opinions and views, especially the word of support when the urge is necessary for a good cause is back. The actor has now sought the help of Tamil Nadu Government over shocking issues, which is prevailing nearing the neighborhood of coastal regions. In his official statement, Vishal has said, “Over the past few days, the people across the coastal regions of Chennai are appalled over the outbreak of furious sea waves during the night time. In particular, nearly 150 houses across the Srinivasapuram coastal region have been affected and it continues to devastate their peaceful lives often. The worst part of this situation is that not even a single officer from Government have inspected the area and met the people at least to console them. Henceforth, I request the Tamil Nadu Government to take immediate steps to relieve the victims and to strengthen the security of the victims.

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