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Why Vijay’s cuteness is mainly due to love for his parents and close ones?


Actor Vijay has been considered as the ‘Chella Pillai’ of every home and this is one good reason, why there is a huge fan following for him. The characters he does in movies apparently become the favourite of family audiences because they feel he’s someone like a boy at next door. But this isn’t something that he managed to create through the movies, but in his real life as well. Here are few such incidents that are witnessed by the people in his neighborhood.

It seems that Vijay came back from a long time shoot to Chennai. As soon as he reached home, his parents waited to receive him. He immediately ran towards his mother laid head on her shoulder. So much of love for his mother and they walked together into the house…. Being one of the reigning superstars, his nature is so much childlike, which reflects easily on the screens.

While you have seen this nature of Vijay, there is another incident that happened in neighborhood before few years. There is a huge provision store near his residence. There were few people over there, where Vijay and his son Sanjay came by car. Everyone started noticing him and greeted him. Vijay surprised them by giving 4000 rupees to the store manager and asked everyone who were present there to enjoy the treat.

Such happens to be the wonderful nature of Vijay, where he is the cute boy of not just to his parents, but ‘Anna’ to everyone around him.

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