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Wi Wi Wi Wi Wifi Song Teaser S3 | Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan | Karthik

Wi Wi Wi Wi Wifi Song Teaser S3 | Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan | Karthik :



 Suriya ‘s Si3 movie review is here 3.75 /5 !! Perfect commercial Entertainer of the year

Suriya’s dedication and hardwork is pretty evident in each frame. Without any shadow of doubt as ever this time also Suriya has not taken the success of Singam franchises for granted. Suriya takes the effort to still maintain and retain the continuity in his characterization with exciting energy level and lion like aggression intact as convincing as in previous episodes. Suriya looks fit and young while rest of the cast members show some ageing during the course of last 7 years. Suriya has a number of applause worth sequences throughout.

Director Hari
Hari is quite defined and sticks to what would work and has not attempted ang kind of risks, in precise. The fundamental structure of all the 3 sequels have essentially prescribed the same pattern. The scope and scale of issues that Duraisingam encounters and handles has made wider. Hari would have considered the mixed reviews from 2nd part. Hari has worked harder on getting a intense script with numerous details packed tightly. He has made very sure to relate and meet up the links and close the loose ends from the previous parts. For example, Hari ensured that Manorama’s demise is intelligently weaved in as a part of the story and to give a proper closure to that character. Appropriately using few scenes from 2nd part as references when trying to get away from the Australian cops at the Airport. Hari has shown more keen on hunting down the baddies and comparatively exhibited less interest on allocating screen space for love, romance and emotional scenes. The movie could have cut down multiple sub-plots and probably focused on delivering more impact on setting up the key scenes. Despite these minor criticisms, Hari keeps it engaging and quite literally running for most parts.

The cast and characters are essentially the same with minor additions and alterations. Anushka’s screen space and appearance continues to decrease. Similar to Hansika’s role in Singam-2, Shruthi plays the one-side love interest infusing some lighter moments. There is an army of renowned star casts making very brief appearance. One new addition is Radhika with a couple of short and impactful scenes. Soori provides continue reading

Maaveeran Kittu - Ka


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